The Vertical Diet

Efferding, Stan

The Vertical Diet
240 Pages

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Recent Comments: The Vertical Diet - Efferding, Stan (Hardcover)
Reilly Saunders
Ok but for real.. I need things to be fixed. I need this to be fixed. I need this book now, and I need things to be fixed like right now.
Last updated 12 mins ago
Davarius Prince
What I am about to tell you about what I became is going to be very shocking. It is going to manipulate your emotions. It may include some random words in my native language for no reason whatsoever. It will teach you unnecessary things about my culture. It will not be smarter than a fifth grader. And it will include as many cliches and as much foreshadowing as is humanly possible. You are going to be shocked. I, for one, never saw it coming. So I doubt you will. Get ready. Aren't you so ready to be shocked? You're never going to see this coming
Last updated 32 mins ago
Blake Muhammad
I know a lot of us were expecting The Vertical Diet to be good, but I have to say, this book actually exceeded my expectations. I have a lump in my throat and I can't stop thinking about it. I usually spend time making detailed notes while reading a book but, at one point, I opened Notes on my computer just to type "this is so good"
Last updated 49 mins ago
Zebulee Wright
There are two types of books, usually, that makes one feel like there are no words to describe the experience: They are either unbelievably detrimental, or exceptionally (and positively) impactful. Given the overall high rating, it is redundant to tell, to which category does The Vertical Diet belong. I don't think there are that many books, especially fiction, that could leave such a profound effect on a reader's mind.
Last updated 23 mins ago
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